CHILDREN'S TALES In a Christmas atmosphere, the students of first of ESO read stories to the students of third of primary.  Reading is a key skill that expands your vocabulary and grammar and provides ample English practice. Let's pratice reading comprehension! HOW TO DEAL WITH CONSUMERISM How does consumerism affect society? This was the question... Leer más →


The students in first year bilingual found some strange houses in the world, either because they are built with rare materials, they are in weird or dangerous places or they have a strange shape. They were presented to the class.


We practised the first writing in history, created in Ancient Mesopotamia around the 3500BC, with the 1st ESO students. It was very interesting and funny!

Spelling Bee 2022

This May our students Cayetana Blasco (3ºESO) and Hugo Salomón (4ºESO) represented our school at the autonomic Spelling Bee. They finished 4th out of 30 pairs! Well done! Our teacher Juan had the privilege of witness firsthand the magic of Carlos Sicilia 🧙‍♂️

Understanding cities

Our students in 3rd grade are learning about Urban Geography, and to do it better each group has done a poster about cities. Here you have them! 3ºA - Urban Morphology 3º B - An Urban World 3º D - Urban Spaces

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